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Goodbye small talk, hello connection - food for thought.

Most of the value that we reap from team building experiences comes from the *conversations* that happens during (and hopefully after!). So let's create a moment outside of your day-to-day work and dive right into a conversation that connects your group.

It's engaging, it's memorable, and it's meaningful. Each conversation is an opportunity to deepen a relationship, learn something new or share a laugh.

Here’s how it works:

Decide on a signature topic to serve as the “anchor” of the conversation - this can be something that your team would like to focus on or based off of one of our suggestions (check em out below.) When the session begins, we'll kick off with a fun exercise that gets everyone participating and engaged.

The questions are designed to get everyone talking, laughing and learning. Our facilitation style keeps the conversation both fun and meaningful.

The result? Your team will leave the virtual room feeling a little bit more human, having gotten to know colleagues a bit better and laid foundations for lasting meaningful connection - the whole reason you’re planning a team experience in the first place!

These are our most popular topics

“Re-energize + Reconnect” - This topic is to create space for real conversation among colleagues, and a chance to get to know colleagues better outside of the day-to-day in a fun way.

“Before & After” - This topic is great if your team is experiencing or planning for transition, change or growth.

"Building a Culture of Trust" - This topic is great for a team that is interested in an open dialogue about trust, listening and support.

On the menu

  • Conversation Main Course + Convers(ate) Cards: In addition to the Main Course, each participant will receive a set of cards to help inspire conversation, and capture insights.
  • Conversation Main Course: This experience puts meaning back into your day - spend time conversing about topics that will create memorable moments, leaving your team feeling more connected than when you started.

What we'll deliver

We recommend opting to receive the Signature Box Set

Inside you'll find:

- 30 Conversation Topics, 300+ Questions

- Tips for meaningful conversations

- Takeaway Cards to capture insights

What to bring

What to do ahead of time:

- Schedule your intake call with Convers-ate. You should have received an email with a calendar link separate from your confirmation email.

What to bring:

- An open and curious mind!

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Convers(ate) has been supported by people all over the world, praised by leaders in the meeting/hosting space, and hired by top organizations who believe in the power of meaningful conversation. Convers(ate) was founded by two facilitators, Taylor Buonocore-Guthrie and Mollie Khine. Taylor's expertise is in management consulting, talent development and facilitation. She has worked around the world, from New York to Nairobi, building teams and bringing ideas to life. Mollie's background spans accounting, relationship management and coaching. She currently leads a team of more than 100 coaches who support their clients one question, and one victory at a time. Taylor and Mollie share a love for the power of questions and gathering with purpose. They're known for bringing a unique blend of expertise, curiosity and warmth to each session they design and facilitate.

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