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x Gnarwhal Coffee with Nick Monica, Zac Cherin

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What you'll do

The search for Joe the Gnarwhal is still on, and it's been a gnarly one so far.

In this experience, the Gnarwhal co-founders will walk you through the basics of brewing a good cup of coffee, using a unique and beautifully designed pour over set. We'll also dive into the history of coffee, where their coffee comes from, and how they are using coffee to create a community in the outdoor recreation realm.

No $3,000 water filters, no $5,000 espresso machines, no crazy grinders but a damn good bag of coffee and good vibes, that's what you'll find in your kit from Gnarwhal.

What we'll deliver

- Pour-over set including: drip carafe, filter device and wooden base

- 8oz Ground Coffee Pack

- Brew Guide

- Stickers

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This experience ships exclusively within the US, without exclusions.

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Meet your host, Gnarwhal Coffee.

Gnarwhal Coffee

Learn how to make your at-home coffee brewing taste incredible and get the inside scoop on what the "Co." in Gnarwhal Coffee Co. really stands for!

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Gnarwhal Coffee

Meet your host, Nick Monica.

Nick Monica

As a lifelong athlete, Nick found himself making the transition after high school from traditional sports to action sports and recreating outdoors. In this transition, he began noticing the grip that large energy drink companies had on outdoor recreation industry. As an avid coffee lover with an entrepreneurial spirit, he knew it was an opportunity to promote a healthier alternative to the energy drinks while marrying his love for coffee and the outdoors. The product of that passion is Gnarwhal, a more approachable and fun take on specialty coffee.

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Nick Monica

Meet your host, Zac Cherin.

Zac Cherin

Zac was born in San Francisco around the start of the tech boom in San Francisco and thankfully his mom moved he and his sister to Denver, Colorado where he grew up snowboarding instead of interning. After attending UCSB he worked in product management at a startup that was then acquired by Amazon. He escaped the giant as soon as he could to start his own business helping e-commerce brands. That’s when he met Nick — one thing lead to another and now they’re partners; bound by a love for the outdoors and staying caffeinated.

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Zac Cherin


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