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We all scream for (Alec's) Ice Cream! We're bringing the ice cream parlor straight to your very own home.

This experience will take you on the journey of how Alec's Ice Cream is made, and how to enjoy it. We’ll begin our time together by doing a walkthrough of our production line in Petaluma, CA, and showing you all that goes into making our ice cream! Then we’ll talk about the brand and end with a tasting and educational series.

Alec's ice cream is delicious AND beneficial for the earth. We’re proud to be the first regenerative organic ice cream and 98% of our ice cream base ingredients are certified or verified regenerative, which means they are produced using holistic farming practices that actually reverse climate change.

Alec's also stands out because we use dairy exclusively from cows that produce the original A2 milk protein (the one all mammals have) instead of the A1 milk protein that tends to cause stomach cramping and other…issues.

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Freeze your ice cream as soon as it is delivered

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Alec's Ice Cream

Alec's Ice Cream

I taught myself to make ice cream in elementary school for a school project and grew up exploring my relatives’ sustainable farmland. I didn’t realize how defining those childhood moments would be until I was an uninspired and unsatisfied adult perusing pints in the freezer aisle. I knew we could do better. So I perfected my signature recipe and set out to source the best ingredients our earth has to offer. The result is the first-ever regenerative organic ice cream—one that’s improving our world through the way it’s created and through the smiles that it creates in turn.

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