Get Your Rollerskate On

x Skaterobics with Tanya Dean, Coach Toni


An in-person experience from Marco.

Available in NYC

1 hour

Up to 200 people

2 week lead time

What you'll do

Bringing your childhood dreams back to life!

Skaterobics is for people of ALL ages, levels, creeds, and colors who want to have fun, develop their roller skating skills, and dance!

Learn the art of dance through skating and ultimate body control to perform moves with suave, and definition. Skaterobics teaches you the basic fundamentals of rollerskating which are the importance of great posture, skating without falling, stopping, balance, coordination, and control.

Skaterobics will provide the skates and safety gear.


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The TWA Hotel

John F. Kennedy International Airport, JFK Access Road, One Idlewild Drive, 11430

What to bring

Please bring your own socks.

Safety is our priority.

All of our experiences follow local COVID-19 safety measures and regulations, including wearing masks, maximum capacity, social distancing, and hygiene and disinfection measures for event spaces. Rapid testing is available upon request thanks to our friends at Concierge Covid Testing. To protect the health and safety of our community, we ask that maintain good hygiene and that you don't attend if you've been exposed or believe you are infected.

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Meet your host, Skaterobics.


Skaterobics is for people of ALL ages, levels, creeds and colors who want to have fun, develop their roller skating skills, and dance!

Learn more about Skaterobics

Meet your host, Tanya Dean.

Tanya Dean

Tanya Dean is the Founder and CEO of Skaterobics. For more than 15 years, Tanya has taught roller skating classes throughout New York City, bringing inspiration, confidence, and a sense of accomplishment to students around the world. The Washington Post most recently noted her classes as a "cardio workout!" and the New York Times dubbed her classes "a rolling party". In the rollerskating world, she is affectionately known as a drill sergeant. Tanya loves to see people happy and she is spreading goodness and kindness through rollerskating.

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Tanya Dean

Meet your host, Coach Toni.

Coach Toni

Coach Toni is an active participant in New York City's Hospitality Scene and has been a part of making events for corporations such as the NFL, Audi, Fox, Coca Cola, and others a success. Working in hospitality was her way of emerging debt free from college with two mathematics degrees but in the process, she fell in love with creating memorable experiences for guests and continued to work in hospitality after her completion of graduate school. Coach Toni joined forces with Skaterobics to create its luxury hospitality sector and offer its guests memorable skating experiences that could be rightfully called exclusive events!

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Coach Toni

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