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Hi, I'm Allie. I'm an experience designer, facilitator, host, recovering CEO, and I'm here to offer you a different kind of dinner experience.

Over the course of an evening, utilizing a dynamic, research-informed approach, I will facilitate a dinner centered around a set of powerful, elevating questions custom-tailored to your brand / company / org.

I will work directly with you, to identify goals and themes that are most relevant.

I weave these into 'the questions', and the design of the evening. You + your team will leave feeling more connected.

Our setting is an unexpected, unusual space - an art gallery, an abandoned restaurant, a bedroom - all designed to add a layer of uniqueness.

We’ll work with you - pre or post booking - to identify the right venue + neighborhood.

The evening is accompanied by a chef-made, locally-sourced, 4-course meal and 2-3 batched artisanal cocktails.

Where you'll be

Enjoy in-office or at your NYC venue of choice.

Safety is our priority.

All of our experiences follow local COVID-19 safety measures and regulations, including wearing masks, maximum capacity, social distancing, and hygiene and disinfection measures for event spaces.

Onsite rapid testing is available upon request thanks to our friends at Concierge Covid Testing.

To protect the health and safety of our community, we ask that maintain good hygiene and that you don't attend if you've been exposed or believe you are infected.

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For 15+ years, Allie’s work focused on intersecting art, activism and media to create seismic social and cultural change. As the founder of digital marketing agency [Equality Equation](, media that Allie produced or directed has been viewed more than 150 million times, changed laws in 33 different states, and was featured in publications like the New York Times, Guardian, Teen Vogue on a regular basis.   In 2021, building off her work creating events that have been attended by 2000+ people, Allie transitioned the agency, and began focusing exclusively at the intersection of experience design, community and inner work. In the second half of 2021, the [Equanimity Equation]( hosted 300+ people across 20 dynamic experiences.

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