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We're bringing you on a wild safari ride from 400 acres in Santa Rosa, CA to your own home or office. Let’s bring some beasts into your boardroom. An animal expert will join in live from the preserve and take you on a journey through the wildlife habitats. These encounters focus heavily on a giraffe feeding an information session, and may also include other nearby animals such as warthogs, porcupines, or flamingos.

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Safari West

Safari West was born in the late 1980s when Peter Lang purchased 400 rolling acres in the foothills of the Mayacamas Mountains. Relocating his small but growing collection of exotic wildlife, Peter quickly converted the former cattle ranch into a world-class conservation breeding facility. As Peter set to work establishing captive breeding programs for the varied and often critically endangered species in his collection he worked closely with local zoological facilities, including, of course, the San Francisco Zoo. It was there that he met the lead curator, raptor-specialist, and his future wife, Nancy Lang. Combining their unique skill-sets, the pair set about turning this vast swath of oak woodland into the world-class wildlife preserve it is today. > **Our Mission** > **The mission of Safari West is to actively promote conservation and environmental education while imparting knowledge that helps each individual make well-informed choices in regards to the environment and wildlife conservation.**

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