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Bookbinding is a great way to empower your reflective, creative practice. In this workshop, you’ll explore pamphlet stitch bookbinding and be guided step by step as you create your own blank journal. Learn traditional tools and techniques for bookbinding, and explore the benefits of having your own creative space for journaling. Your bookbinding kit includes all tools needed to make your own journals.

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The kit includes: bone folder, awl, paper, cardstock, waxed linen thread, needle, scissors

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Meet your host, Odette Press with Kelly Odette Laughlin.

Odette Press with Kelly Odette Laughlin

Kelly Laughlin (she/hers) is an artist, educator, writer, and creative wellness facilitator who focuses on process-based, meditative acts of making. She believes every person is capable of living a creative life. Kelly is the founder of Odette Press, a stationery and bookbinding studio focused on handmade journals and marbled cards, created in nature, infused with the intention to support self-discovery and healing through the act of writing. She believes that writing creates a thoughtful dialogue between ourselves, each other, and the environment -- and that through developing and amplifying your own voice and perspective, you can build necessary connections for a whole and joyful life. Kelly leads classes on journaling, bookbinding, and paper marbling for private groups, corporate teams, and guides creative practice development in 1:1 guided sessions.

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Odette Press with Kelly Odette Laughlin


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