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An immersive experience from Marco.

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1 hour

Up to 200 people

2 week lead time

What you'll do

Better than take out!

Learn how to make your favorite asian snacks from the pros. Find out the tips and tricks on how to make perfectly flakey scallion pancakes or embrace your creativity as you try different dumpling folds. By the end of each experience, you will feel how rewarding it is to eat something you made from scratch.

Led by a team of chefs with training and experience from San Francisco's fine dining and Michelin-star restaurants, this experience will leave you with a full tummy, and full of confidence in the kitchen.

On the menu

  • Scallion Pancakes: Flakey, crispy, and chewy: 3 adjectives we all love and adore. Learn tips and tricks to get perfectly flakey scallion pancakes (hint: it’s all in the roll).
  • Dumplings (Jiaozi Style): Embrace that inner creative with the different folds you’ll be shown forming these dumplings!

What we'll deliver

You will receive a kit with all of the perishables and condiments.

What to bring

You will need to pick up a few wet ingredients, such as eggs. We will provide a detailed list based on your menu selection.

Shipping information

This experience ships within the US, and can ship internationally to CAN with 3+ weeks lead time and additional fees.

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$112 / person

$1,120 minimum


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Meet your host, Virtual Table.

Virtual Table

Chef Miggy Reyes & Chef Leevan Recio met while cooking at always-busy, always-vibing SF restaurant (Liholiho), both chefs decided to venture out and start Virtual Table, a way to bring people together through food and cooking. With experience from different fine dining restaurants like Liholiho, Aziza, Nomica, Pinoy Heritage (now Abacá), and Blue Plate, chefs Miggy and Leevan aim to make cooking approachable, fun & interactive. First growing up in Manila, Philippines and later attending Stanford University, Miggy worked for 7+ years in the corporate tech industry before transitioning into the restaurant industry. On the other hand, Leevan grew up in the SF Bay Area, with his mother’s Chinese heritage, along with his father’s Filipino roots resulted in a tasty childhood. Both Miggy and Leevan love sharing their Asian culture and upbringing through their flavor-packed menus!

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