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Together, Executive Coaches Diane Flynn and Patty White, co-founders of ReBoot Accel and Dr. Alexandria White, will inspire behaviors that will encourage employees to bring their whole selves to work.

Benefit from their Harvard MBA’s and corporate executive experience as they coach you in a group session toward greater confidence and results.

Select a workshop from below and we will connect you with the Reboot Accel team to determine a strategy and executing plan to help you achieve all that you and your team are looking for.

Leadership Workshops

  • Hiring Manager Training to Reduce Unconscious Bias
  • Apply a Growth Mindset to Up your Confidence, Risk-taking and Impact
  • Professional Presence and Strategies to Build Confidence & Influence
  • Language Strategies for Maximum Impact
  • Having Difficult Conversations
  • Apply Design Thinking to Tackle Workplace Challenges
  • Productivity Tips for Maximum Efficiency and Career Fulfillment
  • Network with Purpose
  • Manage Your Personal Brand
  • Diversity Chats: Open-ended discussions around “sticky situations,” micro aggressions, being an ally, and other topics

Bespoke Workshop Facilitation (60 or 90-minute session)

ReBoot Accel can facilitate your team-building workshop or events designed to launch and support Employee Resource Groups (ERGs). They will work with you to create a tailored event after developing a thorough understanding of your audience and desired outcomes. In addition, they can conduct “Days of Understanding” (often called Listening Sessions) to create empathy and understanding for those in your workforce from underrepresented groups.

Inclusive Leadership Training
(90-minute session with pre and post workshop planning and surveys)

ReBoot Accel will facilitate a session aimed to educate, enlighten, and deepen individual and organizational awareness of conscious inclusion, unconscious bias, and its impact on employee engagement, retention, innovation and bottom-line performance. Through interactive exercises, self-reflection, and discussion, you'll explore how bias can limit impact. You'll discuss key terminology and specific ways to be an ally.

Leadership Coaching Program
(designed for 5 Months)

Over the course of 5 months, up to 20 high-potential employees will participate in a leadership program designed to increase confidence, impact and productivity. ReBoot Accel will lead the cohort through weekly workshops and coaching sessions around 7 topics, including how to be a leader, multiplying the efforts of others, executive presence, language strategies, productivity tips and having difficult conversations.

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  • Select a workshop and schedule an intake call (we'll reach out to coordinate with you prior to the experience!)

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Reboot Accel

Diane Flynn and Patty White co-founded ReBoot in 2014 with an aim to support women in the workplace. We work with companies to drive gender equity, and we help accomplished women land new opportunities and advance. More recently we have expanded our services to support diversity and inclusion in its many dimensions. To the companies who have committed to ensuring each employee shows up engaged, empowered, and HEARD, we applaud you. We aim to create workplaces where all talent is valued and the best work gets done.

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