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In this intimate experience with USA Today’s Gratitude Guru, Chris Schembra, you’ll have a meaningful emotional transformation and create instantaneous connections as a group.

This experience is designed to help teams connect with each other and generate a positive mental attitude through a three-act structure. These experiences are filled with breakouts, group chat, and facilitated discussion.

The first act focuses on relational mindfulness exercises, which help participants to be present in the moment and connect with each other. These exercises can help to build empathy, understanding, and trust among team members, creating a sense of community and support. By practicing active listening and loving-kindness meditation, team members can learn to be more present and non-judgmental with each other, which can lead to better communication and collaboration.

In the second act, participants reflect on their past experiences and the people who have been important to them, cultivating a sense of gratitude and connection. This act can help team members to develop a positive mental attitude by shifting their focus from what's lacking to what they already have. By sharing memories and writing gratitude letters, team members can create a sense of appreciation and acknowledgement for each other's contributions, which can boost morale and motivation.

In the final act, participants look ahead to the future with a sense of gratitude, wisdom, and lightness, creating an action plan to achieve their goals and aspirations. This act can help team members to develop a growth mindset and a sense of purpose, which can lead to increased motivation and engagement. By visualizing their future selves and creating an action plan, team members can develop a sense of agency and control over their work and lives, which can boost confidence and productivity.

Overall, this three-act structure can be beneficial for teams to connect with each other and generate a positive mental attitude by promoting mindfulness, gratitude, and goal-setting. By practicing these skills together, team members can create a sense of camaraderie and support, which can lead to improved performance, communication, and well-being.

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7:47 Gratitude Experience

7:47 Gratitude Experience

Chris Schembra is the **_Wall Street Journal_** bestselling author of _Gratitude Through Hard Times_ and _Gratitude and Pasta._ USA Today calls him their "Gratitude Guru", he's a Founding Member of Rolling Stone Magazine's Culture Council, and he sits on the Executive Board at Fast Company Magazine. He is the Founder of the 7:47 Gratitude Experience — an evidence-based framework used to strengthen client and team relationships in profound ways. He's used the principles of gratitude to spark over 500,000 relationships, serving Fortune 50 CEO's, Olympians, Academy Award Winners, Grammy Award Winning #1 Recording Artists, Super Bowl Champions, and more.

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