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Ready to dive into something that feels good? Welcome to a live journaling workshop led by AllSwell Creative founder and journaling expert Laura Rubin. Putting pen to paper helps adjust mood, increase creativity, manage anxiety and boost immunity. Think of this as your digital happy hour.

Whether you already have a mindful writing practice or you're looking to start one, this workshop will provide you with tips and exercises to reap the mental and physiological rewards of journaling. There’s no wrong way to do this and you will not be asked to share the contents of your journal. That’s just for you.

You'll come away with a suite of actionable tools to help you be more creative and feel better on a day-to-day basis - and who couldn’t use a little more of that?

On the menu

  • Journaling Workshop: You will provide your own materials in this class (pen, paper/notebook) and will be guided through a journaling workshop to help adjust mood, increase creativity, manage anxiety and boost immunity
  • Journaling Workshop + Notebook: Receive an Allswell notebook to help set your journaling journey up for success! You will learn all of the same tools as in the Journaling at Home experience.

What we'll deliver

If you select the Journaling + Notebook, you will receive a notebook to help jump start your journaling journey at home.

What to bring

What to bring:

  • If you do not select to receive the journal, you will need a few sheets of paper.
  • Something to write with

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This experience ships exclusively within the US, without exclusions.

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Meet your host, AllSwell Creative with Laura Rubin.

AllSwell Creative with Laura Rubin

Fueled by the understanding that everyone alive has a unique creative voice, Laura Rubin launched AllSwell eight years ago with the purpose of educating people about the wide-ranging, meaningful benefits of journaling. With a dedication to quality design and environmental sensitivity, she introduced the brand with a suite of products to encourage analog expression and grew it to include original live and immersive digital workshops. Since establishing AllSwell, Rubin has changed the cultural narrative around “keeping a journal,” empowering individuals in the process. A passionate champion for the written word, she grounds her group experiences and 1:1 creative coaching sessions in scientific research to shift the perception of this accessible modality for greater mental, emotional and physiological wellbeing. Rubin’s mission is big -- helping people wake up to their own voice, personal path and radical self-worth through creativity. Her expertise is regularly called upon by organizations and brands including Adobe, Alo, Design Hotels, Fujifilm, Goop, The Proper Hotel Group, Seedlip, William Morris Endeavor and Violet Grey among others, leading her trademark pen-to-paper workshops in both consumer-facing and business-to-business settings. Prior to establishing AllSwell, Rubin was a “corporate refugee” via USA Networks and Ernst & Young. She went on to found Left Left Right (LLR), a bi-coastal marketing and communications boutique. Over more than a decade and a half plus leading LLR, she established a proven track record of successfully working with clients to effectively tell their stories, including Surfrider Foundation, SALT Optics, Stoked Mentoring, Sweaty Betty, Keep A Breast Foundation, Surfing World Champion Shaun Tomson, Keanu Reeves’ ARCH Motorcycles, Waves for Water and many more.

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AllSwell Creative with Laura Rubin

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