The Art of Suminagashi

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Suminagashi, Japanese for “floating ink”, is a traditional art form from the 12th century that reveals the mesmerizing, ever-changing nature of water.

We will be creating a floating piece of art on the surface of the water and capturing the swirling, ever-morphing moments as prints on coasters. You will gain a new understanding of fluid dynamics as we incorporate natural forces, such as breath and vibration, into our art to create visual harmony. At the end of the experience, you will walk away with a greater sense of your natural artistic abilities, a renewed sense of wonder and creativity, and a Suminagashi kit for de-stressing that will last for years!

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1oz Sumi Ink

1oz Surfectant

2 Trays

2 Brushes

4 White Coasters

Gift Bag

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Have sink nearby, if possible

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We believe creativity is the greatest human unifier, which transcends distance, differences, generations, and silos. Every 28Muses experience is crafted to bring wonder in a safe environment where everyone feels seen and heard.  Participants will walk away inspired & more confident while teams will walk away with more empathy & a long lasting bond.

Natalie Stopka

Natalie Stopka

Natalie Stopka is a New York based artist focused on creative processes rooted in the materials and forces of the natural world. Her pursuit of historical surface patterning techniques includes natural dyeing, pigment extraction, marbling, and printmaking. These meticulous, layered processes incorporate materials grown in her studio dye garden. Natalie is a Cultivator for 28Muses, which offers interactive experiences that balance hands-on, creative action with research-based facilitation maximizing fun, engagement, empathy, and connection.

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