The Healing Art of Rock Balancing

x Travis Ruskus

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What you'll do

Get ready to rock! Learn how to balance objects, while connecting with the moment and escaping the noise within the day.

Learn why Travis became a Rock Balance Meditation Artist and how you can use this practice to breathe into the moment, see opportunity, believe in your personal power, lift limits, and so much more. He will guide you through a simple meditation where we let the noise of the day melt away.

What we'll deliver

You will be sent a kit including the following - Each set includes a unique combination of 7 items, which means no two gardens will ever be the same.

  • Metal Tray with Lid - 5.5 inch diameter2 inch height
  • Decorative Sand
  • Bamboo Feng Shui Rake
  • Crystals + Rocks

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This experience ships exclusively within the US, without exclusions.

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Meet your host, Travis Ruskus.

Travis Ruskus

Travis Ruskus is a Rock Balance Meditation Artist based in San Francisco, California. His book "The Rock Balancer's Guide" is published internationally and available in multiple languages. After evolving his artwork over the years and teaching thousands of people from across the world how to rock balance, he believes that when you pick up your first stone you will also be transformed by the healing art of rock balancing. Travis frequently leads private workshops with executive teams at LinkedIn, Facebook, Netflix, United Way and many more.

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Travis Ruskus

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