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Step through a secret passageway in a grandfather clock and into a beautiful underground speakeasy to experience one of the most popular virtual shows worldwide. With interactive mind-reading, hilarious coincidences, and magic that truly reaches through the screen and blows you away, Kevin Blake's Virtually Impossible: A Quarantined Magic Show is a one-of-a-kind distributed workforce experience that has to be seen to be disbelieved.

Kevin can read minds. Predict the future. See into your memories. Stop time… Or maybe he can’t, and it’s all an illusion. With a background in theater, spoken word, and a fascination with the human condition, Kevin creates performances that blend genres to create an interactive and one-of-a-kind experience.

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Kevin Blake

Kevin Blake

Kevin Blake is a San Francisco-based, worldwide-performing magician, mentalist, and illusionist. He has been featured on America’s Got Talent, Penn & Teller: Fool Us, Thrillist, Empire’s YouTube series Street Magic, and in his sell-out show Magic Man. Aside from TV appearances and live shows, Kevin is a favorite regular entertainer at the private events thrown by Silicon Valley titans like Google, Facebook, YouTube, Salesforce, and Square, but also for agencies, startups, celebrities, and Fortune 500 corporations. Blake creates lasting, interactive moments of wonder with mind-reading, impossible coincidences, and exhibitions of world class blink-and-you’ll-miss-it sleight of hand.

From previous guests

“The production and transitions were so great and made the whole show so entertaining! And I still want to know how on earth he did the card trick one.”


“It was perfect. All of us were engaged, delighted, and wonderstruck. A lot of people brought their kids and family to sit in on the show, and watching their faces absorbed into the show was a great experience.”


“Kevin Blake was an exceptional presenter and got everyone involved throughout. The production quality was substantial and remarkable and the entire session was engaging”


“I am so happy with how this event went. My boss and her direct reports had an amazing time and even recommended this event to other friends and colleagues from other companies.”


“Love that there can be such a thing as a remote-friendly interactive magic show! That was super fun.”

Apollo GraphQL

“Thanks so much! I was smiling from ear to ear the whole time. What a seamless, fun experience. Kevin, you were amazing!”


“Kevin Blake is amazing. Truly one of the best experiences I've participated in during the pandemic era.”


“Kevin's charisma, illusions and chatter was super engaging”

Apollo GraphQL

“Kevin was amaaaazinnng! I am so looking forward to booking more events with you all!”


“It was really an amazing show! I loved every minute of it!”


“Kevin was amazing. He used Zoom in a really fun and interactive way. We all had a great experience with him.”


“Wow! That was more than amazing. He was awesome the way he interacted with the group and I am still trying to get my chin off of the floor!”

Elastic Path

“The team LOVED it. Loved the fact he was changing locations.”


“Kevin is an engaging entertainer and storyteller, the show was really, really good, and the production quality was unbelievable.”


“I loved that the host mailed something to our home beforehand and incorporated that into the experience. ”


“It was awesome!! The team loved it. Thank you :) Gonna recommend it to the rest of the Messenger teams.”


“Kevin Blake and Kait from Norcina were both AMAZING events. Definitely keepers!”

Petal Card

“Great energy, comedic, seamless transitions”

Morgan, Lewis & Bockius

“Kevin was awesome, great "stage" presence despite the online environment.”


“The host was engaging. There was an electric energy of wonderment and fun during the entire situation. Kevin was positive and for sure, magical!”


“Kevin was fantastic and his interaction with our office was a delight.”


“Kevin was very interactive. I loved how he engaged my team.”


“Kevin was a really great presenter. It was such a cool experience!”


“Overall it was extremely enjoyable and engaging! I can't say how I could improve it.”


“Loved the virtual magic experience! Kevin Blake is awesome. Wish Athena can have another Marco experiences in the future! This is great especially for us who work remotely.”


“Marco plays an essential role in the world today. Everyone feels a certain type of disconnect especially because of the pandemic. They give us a chance to reconnect and find a sense of normalcy.”


“Kevin was a great host! Fun show, right length of time, cool illusions, and loved the interaction with the audience. Very impressive!”


“Really loved how interactive the whole experience is! Kevin also didn't even need magic — I'm sure everyone was already enchanted before all the tricks.”


“It was interactive, SUPER HIGH QUALITY, inclusive and so entertaining.”


“Loved his sense of humor and that he was following the chat and commenting on it, super engaged!”


“I have to admit I wasn't expecting a virtual magic show to blow my mind, but it really did. Kevin was super entertaining and I loved how he engaged our team.”


“The confidence, the production value, and his deft use of a stream deck”


“Great experience! Definitely something new and exciting.”


“The magician was super funny and engaging. The tricks were surprisingly well done.”


“Kevin was awesome, super entertaining, incredibly engaging, and just so fun overall”


“Such great and unexpected tricks!! Loved the interaction with the attendees.”


“Great show with a nice variety of magic. Kevin kept the audience engaged with humor and stories throughout the show.”


“It was very engaging and a lot more interesting and fun than I expected a virtual event to be.”


“Loved the magician, very personable, connected with audience, funny (but not in your face about it), professional production”


“Charming and entertaining host. Great tricks (and I am a skeptic when it comes to magic) :)”


“He was super engaging and the show was AMAZING!”

Movable Ink

“He was mindblowing!”

Movable Ink

“The magic by Kevin Blake was truly amazing. Very cool to be able to do it over zoom”

Movable Ink

“He was a great performer - really engaging. Particularly for a virtual event!”

Movable Ink

“The host's energy was fantastic and the show was very engaging!”

Anthos Capital

“Solid magic and hilarious show by Kevin!”


“It was so good! Kevin was a really good storyteller. We were all on the edges of our seats.”


“It was a really fun performance and Kevin was great and very charismatic! I really needed a boost so it helped me out a lot actually”


“Kevin Blake is both a mathemagician and a gentleman!”


“It was the perfect amount of time and fast paced interaction for a team building or celebration event virtually. The magic performed was amazing and it was a great finish to our work day.”

Galileo Financial Technologies

“Super fun! Kevin was very funny and engaged with us so well, he made it feel like a really personal experience.”

Galileo Financial Technologies

“This was so fun and amazingly engaging! Kevin Blake was fabulous!”

Galileo Financial Technologies

“Kevin had displayed stage presence, was funny and personable, and the magic itself was thrilling. Thanks for a transporting hour!”

Hubspot, Inc.

“Kevin was quirky, professional and everything I did not expect. For a virtual bonding session, I was pleasantly surprised.”

Snapchat, Inc.

“He was amazing!! So good and impressive, I loved it.”

Power Digital Marketing

“Experience was great! In my role, I'm not in touch with too many people who are looking for virtual events for their team - otherwise the likelihood would be even higher.”

Fors Marsh Group

“Everything was out of this universe incredible!! I still can't get over how Kevin got the exact same time on his watch as I did. Kept us on the edge of our seats from beginning to end and that's a phantasmagorical way to break the routine in this remote world.”


“It was interactive, engaging, visually captivating (I am thoroughly impressed with the crispness of the audio and glossiness of the visuals and the showmanship of Kevin!). I will check out Kevin's show the next time I visit the Bay Area!”


“The experience and the show was so cool!”


“New and cool experience, very interactive, too!”


“He is so amazing!! Unbelievable tricks!!”


“I didn't think I'd enjoy the virtual magic show as much as I did. It was awesome to see Kevin Blake in action and how he just engaged all of us. People were called on to participate, and the rules of engagement were laid out clearly. It was well done and I felt how everyone was just having a great time together. It was a great way to de-stress and for a moment, just enjoy life. We're all crazy busy and this experience just let us pause, breathe, and reconnect with each other about something unrelated to work.”


“Kevin's show was so well done!! The video and sound quality were excellent. And the music created an exciting atmosphere. Kevin was fantastic with the audience and created a sense of community instantly. Kevin's talent shined and his stage presence was professional. The team had so much fun. Thank you so much!!”


“He was funny and got audience participation. And just did a great job. Very entertaining!”


“Really entertaining and fun – would definitely recommend him!”


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