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Marco helps creators and brands distill their passions into immersive, scalable in-person and virtual experiences for the world's leading teams.

Build an engaged audience.

We bring extraordinary teams together to directly engage with you and your product or service.

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Capitalize on creativity.

Our hosts work from anywhere, doing exactly what they love. Welcome to the passion economy.

Create immersive experiences.

We pair physical products with virtual interaction to create experiences they’ll touch, taste, and remember.

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Marco Hosts are the best of the best.


Marco hosts spark deep and meaningful interactions in safe spaces where everyone feels seen, valued, and respected.


Marco hosts exude the qualities of someone who is doing exactly what they were made for. They are passionate about sharing their expertise and you can feel it.


Marco hosts help you learn something new about yourself, your teammates, and the world around you.

Haus x Marco

Case Study 01

Haus x Marco


Apéritif Mixology Expedition x Suzu

Partner Quote

"Haus is such an experiential product and IRL events were previously core to our brand marketing strategy. Partnering with Marco solved a real problem for us, giving new customers an incredible introduction to Haus led by some of the best mixologists in the country."
– Christina Schatzen, Head of Comms at Haus


Collaborated with multiple brands, mixologists, and gained access to tons of new customers.

Curating culture for the world’s leading teams.

Marco partners
Kevin x Marco

Case Study 02

Kevin x Marco


Virtual Reality: An Interactive Magic Show

Partner Quote

“The perfect team bonding experience. Kevin transported us from our homes right to the front row of his amazing, jaw-dropping show!”
– Postmates


Expanded audience, generated enough revenue to fully commit to Marco gigs.

Chloé x Marco

Case Study 03

Chloé x Marco


Theory of Enchantment Sprint

Partner Quote

"The content and engagement was phenomenal. I had quite a few takeaways that really stood out to me. Overall fantastic lesson + workshop!"
- Melio


Exposure to new clientele, new revenue stream, and back-end support.

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